Don't reinvent the wheel!

Learn from existing experiences that have already successfully tackled the same problems and barriers

Knowledge sharing

Exchange experiences in innovation procurement with a peer of your choice and adopt innovation procurement practices from others.


Get up to €30.000 to cover a wide range of Twinnings' activities such as travels, meetings, training sessions and much more to share experiences.


Find your Twinning partner by using the Matchmaking tool available in the Procure4Health platform and exchange experiences in innovation procurement.



An informative webinar was held on the 21st of February 2024, providing potential applicants further information about this opportunity and the application process.

What activities are funded?

Twinnings aim to transfer knowledge and experience around the use of a product or service, process or methodology, strategy or a procurement business model.

Find out more funded activities in the Request for Twinnings proposals!

How do I apply ?

Twinning applicants shall submit their application electronically via the Procure4Health online community platform.

This call is open in a cut-off deadline format:

  • Initial deadline: April 17th 2024
  • Final deadline: June 17th 2024

Are you a healthcare procurer interested in participating in the Twinnings?

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to complete all required documents!

Find your partner

Connect with like-minded procurers or find procurers with complementary knowledge in order to initiate a collaboration

Still have questions?

Twinnings are a community (peer to peer) tool that enables exchange of knowledge on a particular topic by bringing together experienced players willing to pass on their experience to less experienced ones.

Participation in this request for twinning proposals is open on equal terms to public and private procurers, or groups of procuring organisations, operational in the provisioning of Health and social care established in a Member State of the European Union (or its Horizon-associated countries). This means that the Call for Twinnings is open for submissions from organizations that provide health or social care, and not open to solution providers.

In this 3rd call for Twinnings, combinations of Procure4Health founding members and external organisations are eligible.

Before submitting a proposal to the Procure4Health Twinnings call, applicants must make up a twinning partnership. To facilitate the identification of possible twinning partners, the Procure4Health online community platform, offers a tool for matchmaking. 

An organisation may participate in more than one twinning, as long as the twinning activities are clearly different from each other.

All documents you are requested to submit for applying to the Call for Twinnings can be downloaded from this site (see above) as well as from the Proure4Health community platform.

For technical support on access, navigating and using the platform, please contact HCWH at

Yes. In Procure4Health and as stated in the request for proposals, we consider both one-directional (Originator – Adopter) and bi-directional Twinnings, in the latter for partners to provide complementary knowledge and capacity for both partners to build relevant and applicable capacity. In summary, the consortia setup is flexible and more intending to build relevant capacity at one or more organisations, than being limited to very strictly defined relationships.

Yes. There are no restrictions on participants countries, they can be from the same or from different countries.

The only document that requires a signature is the “Twinning Call Admin Section – Annex 1”.

For the identification of the proposal make sure to identify both/all participating partners. For the legal form enter contact of the designated Lead partner/primary contact, as representing both/all partners of the proposal.

Enter contact of the designated Lead partner/primary contact, as representing both/all partners of the proposal.

There are not state a minimum duration of the Twinnings partnership. 6 months is the recommended (maximum) duration for the Twinnings activities. The period can be extended under certain circumstances.

Eligible organizations are highly dependent on how they are defined in the local/national context. They need to be procurers with an operational arm in health or social care provisioning.

Eligible costs are any cost related to the implementation of theTwinnings activities, being also (likely) direct costs such as travel for joint workshops/knowledge exchange.

It is expected that funded activities are not only staff but also costs resulting from joint activities, such as (for instance) travel or booking of facilities.

We recommend you register for the Procure4Health online community platform and find the matchmaking functionality within, for seeking partners for your Twinning. These can be national or international.

 For the “Identification of the twinning tenderer” form please provide details for all/both partners. For section 2 & 4 provide details and signature of the appointed Lead Partner.

We do not require formal documents proving this mandate or responsibility, it is sufficient to describe the definition, operations and formal responsibilities of the Twinnings partners in a way that adequately responds to the requirement as described.

Due to concerns of double-funding this situation might be cause for dismissing the proposal. The organization previously awarded Twinnings-funding must be very careful not to propose activities or purposes overlapping with the proposal and implementation of the previously awarded Twinning, and as part of the proposal ensure that there is full isolation (for instance by inserting necessary mechanisms) between the two initiatives.


In case of questions, please contact the Procure4Health team:

Drop us a line!

We inform you that the data you send us through this electronic form will be used to handle your request, as well as to send you information that may be of interest, regarding our activity. By indicating your data and following the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you give your explicit consent to proceed, in compliance with the purposes mentioned in the previous section, to the processing of the personal data provided. Said data will not be disclosed to third parties and will be processed as long as you do not indicate otherwise. Nonetheless, at any time you can exercise the rights of access, limitation, and deletion through the address: CEEIM, Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 7, Espinardo, 30100 MURCIA or email:

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