Why innovation procurement?

Innovation Procurement defined

“Innovation procurement” refers to any procurement that aims to…

Buy research and development services to develop innovative solutions

Buy innovative solutions that are not yet available or do not exist on the market

Buy innovative solutions that do exist, but are not yet widely available on the market

Visit the European Commission website on Innovation Procurement for more information.

What is so important about it?

The keyword here is innovation. Public organisations purchase goods and services to be able to produce and offer public utilities to the citizens. Sometimes, the market cannot effectively meet society’s needs; solutions are not sufficiently effective, too low in quality, too expensive, or do not exist. In such instances, there is good reason for an Innovation Procurement.

However, European countries are not fulfilling their potential to foster innovation through public procurement. On the past, and still today public buyers encounter challenges like lack of skills, legal differences, bureaucracy, language barriers, risk aversion, among others.

Which are the benefits of Innovation Procurement?

public buyers

Like public hospitals, healthcare regional or national authorities, can:

  • Meet societal needs and operational challenges
  • Modernise the public sector
  • Increase positive impact of public spending
  • Improve the quality of services and boost citizens’ satisfaction

innovation suppliers

Of any type size like SMEs, large corporations, research institutions:

  • Supply innovation to the big public market (public procurement accounts for approximately 14% of GDP in the European Union)
  • Co-create an innovative solution with public organisations, in a risk-sharing scheme
  • Increase your customer references


Benefit from improved public services, more inclusive and accessible for all

Appetite for more?

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