The goal of Procure4Health is to create an open community that will encourage EU-wide adoption of innovation procurement

A community for Healthcare Innovation Procurement

The Procure4Health project is a growing community of European Health organisations interested in procurement of innovation. Its 33 founding partners actively promote innovation procurement through knowledge sharing and capacity building; networking and matchmaking; identification of common needs and the launch of joint actions to address them as well as influencing policy on procurement of innovation. The community is open to new members to benefit from its value. 

As an European Commission funded project, these services are provided free of charge. Some of them may not be available for late comers.

capacity building

Receive capacitation, like twinings, tailored training and mentoring, to learn from peers. Access a repository of resources, including market research, case studies and best practices.

Networking & Matchmaking

Attend networking and matchmaking events. Participate in discussion groups with other members to promote strategic topics.

Collaborative innovation procurement

Identify common challenges that require innovative solutions. Launch the related open market consultationns on those challenges.

Policy Impact

Explore funding schemes to co-finance the procurement of innovation. Influence policy at European level on procurement of innovation for Health.