Sustainable personal protection against pathogens in the Health Care context

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Market Consultation Report

Find out the results of the Open Market Consultation for the future PreCommercial Procurement of R&D services concerning sustainable personal protection against pathogens in the health care context.


The current use of single-use face masks in healthcare settings has brought to light a pressing concern: their lack of sustainability across various dimensions.

Beyond their immediate utility in combating infectious diseases, these masks symbolize broader challenges at the intersection of economics, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

The complexities of their production, importation, and disposal, it becomes evident that the current practices surrounding single-use face masks demand critical examination and strategic reevaluation.

Use case

Implementation of a sustainable and effective pathogen protective system in the healthcare context that can replace single use face masks and significantly contribute to waste reduction, environmental sustainability, cost savings, and improved public health outcomes.


Scope document

If you would like to better understand what is expected, have a look at this detailed description of the building blocks and use cases. Please note that this is draft information with the purpose of consulting the market and that it might differ from the final versions included in the Call for Tenders.


A questionnaire has been prepared to collect relevant information and feedback from the market about the scope of this challenge. Companies and other market participants are cordially invited to fill out the Open Market Consultation Questionnaire to express their feedback about the project and tender setup.

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